Typical Lifespans Of Roofing Materials

Published on: 18:20 15th February 2012

Many people ask the question ‘How long will my roof last?’, but there is no specific answer. It really depends on various things such as the material that your roof is made of, the weather conditions where you live and how well your roof is maintained.

Manufacturers of materials give general lifespan information, which can vary depending on many factors. Felt is generally supposed to last around 10-20 years, EPDM rubber around 20 years, single ply membranes 20-25 years, slate 40-45 years and tile 50+ years. But these are just guides and outside factors can affect the lifespan of your roof.

For instance, if you live in the highlands of Scotland and get a lot of snow or heavy rain, this can impact on your roof and may cause for it to wear more quickly. Similarly, if you are exposed to a lot of dry weather, it could cause rubber and single ply membrane roofs to wear and crack, meaning that you may need roof repairs or re-roofing more regularly.

It is best to speak to professional roofers about the options available as not all materials may be suitable for your property.

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